Uutela cabin, details and equipment

Uutela cabin offers a setting for small camps or day trips. The cabin is located near Meriharju Nature House at the end of a forest road, right by the sea.

Uutela cabin’s equipment

The cabin’s equipment level is modest. Lighting is provided with solar electricity or a storm lantern, while heating is provided with a fireplace or fire stove. There are no water supply or drain pipes. In addition to the cabin and its yard, the area also includes two outhouses, an outdoor storage facility and a beach sauna. Uutela cabin is only intended for use in the summer. The facilities can be booked from May to October.

The City of Helsinki’s facilities are smoke-free and substance-free, and the principles of the Smoke-free Helsinki programme are followed in them.

About the cabin

  • Uutela cabin comprises a common room with a fireplace as well as two accommodation rooms and a kitchen
  • There is a barbecue hut on the outdoor terrace
  • Solar panels that power a small refrigerator and the lighting
  • Table and benches
  • Five storm lanterns

Instructions for overnight visitors

  • Uutela cabin can accommodate 11 people
  • The cabin is furnished with nine beds
  • Bring your own sheets, pillowcases, towels, pillows, matches and toilet paper with you
  • The water tap is opened from Meriharju Nature House
  • Pets must always be agreed upon separately before the reservation
  • Uutela cabin is not accessible; there are tree stumps and roots in the yard
  • The area has a very poor Internet connection

Kitchen equipment

  • 3 pots, a frying pan, a coffee pot as well as tongs, a Muurikka pan and grilles for grilling
  • Small solar-powered refrigerator
  • Gas cooker with two burners (no oven included)
  • Eating utensils and dishes for 11 people
  • Water must be fetched from the water point outside; there is no drain in the kitchen
  • Cleaning equipment and cleaning agents

Sauna equipment

The beach sauna includes a dressing room/small group room as well as a sauna and a washroom.

  • The dressing room is furnished with two pull-out couches and a fireplace
  • There is no pier at the beach
  • There is room for roughly 1–3 people to wash up at the same time
  • Water must be fetched from the water point outside
  • Separate water heater