Meriharju Camp Centre, details and equipment

Meriharju Nature House is open only to groups such as youth groups, organisations, associations and school camps that have made a reservation in advance. Staff of the envioremntal education unit of the Helsinki City Youth Services also hosts nature schools for student groups.

The City of Helsinki’s facilities are smoke-free and substance-free, and the principles of the Smoke-free Helsinki programme are followed in them.  As part of the City of Helsinki Youth Services, Meriharju Nature House and Camp Centre has been awarded the EcoCompass certificate as a demonstration of its determined action for the environment.

General instruction

Facility users are responsible for ensuring that the facilities are left tidy and empty for the next user. Special attention should be paid to the cleanliness of the kitchen, stove, kitchenware and beds. If you break something during your use of the facilities, you should notify the staff and agree how you will compensate for it. Onboarding, user agreement and keys

Users of the camp centre must conclude an agreement on independent use. It may only be signed by an adult responsible for the group, who must present their ID. The responsible person undertakes to be present for the duration of the group’s reservation of the facilities. You will receive the key during onboarding.

You must agree the onboarding with the staff in advance. The house has an information folder with more information about the camp centre and nearby services. You will receive instructions for returning the key during the onboarding round. 


Meriharju Nature House and Camping Centre is suitable for camp activities by various groups throughout the year. Meriharju Nature House and Camping Centre is not accessible to disabled people. The best times for school camps are February–April in the spring and October–December in the autumn. 


  • Accommodation is available for 34 people in bunk beds; no floor accommodation.
  • Meriharju provides guests with duvets and pillows. Guests must bring their own sheet, duvet cover and pillowcase, or a pillowcase, sheet and sleeping bag.

First floor

  • Vestibule
  • Storage room
  • Two showers
  • Toilet

Second floor

  • Four bedrooms (2 x 12 beds, 1 x 6 beds, 1 x 4 beds = 34 beds in total).
  • Every bedroom has a toilet.  

Third floor

  • Offices of the Environmental Activities Youth Work Unit, in which people work during office hours.
  • A tower room for small group activities.
  • Sleeping on the third floor is not allowed!

Kitchen and dining room

  • The kitchen includes a large refrigerator, a refrigerator-freezer, a quick dishwasher, a large stove with a fan oven, a coffee maker, a kettle, cookware and tableware for about 40 people. (We strive for environmentally friendly activities, so we do not recommend the use of disposable tableware.) 
  • The bright dining room can accommodate about 40 people. 

Fireplace hall and internet access

  • The fireplace hall has a computer display for customers, but no computer. The house has a wireless internet connection (Stadinet).
  • An HDMI connector can be found on the fireplace hall wall.
  • Meriharju Nature House and Camping Centre is in a blind spot and has weak Internet and telephone connections.
  • The fireplace is not intended for heating but to create an atmosphere.


  • A separate sauna building with two outdoor toilets next to it. 
  • Two playing fields, one of which is a fenced former tennis court. 
  • At the end of the house, at the edge of the forest, there is a sheltered grilling spot that can accommodate about 15 people.
  • The storage room in the vestibule has pancake frying pans and sticks for grilling sausages. In the kitchen, you can find plastic mugs and plates for camping and grilling. There is a wooden shed between the house and grill spot, where you will find logs available to customers.
  • Some of the nearby forests of the Meriharju Camp Centre are part of a nature reserve. Please remember this when spending time outdoors and planning your outdoor activities.

Cars and parking

  • The yard has space for around 10 cars and for half as many during snowy winters. When parking, care must be taken not to block the escape route in the yard.

Other important considerations

  • The house includes three rooms for small group activities (two rooms on the second floor and a tower room on the third floor.) 
  • If you want to bring a pet, you must discuss it first with the staff. 
  • The house is not accessible for disabled people.