Camp reservations Östersundom

Reservations can be applied for by using the forms of Youth Services. The facilities are rented out based on rates approved by the Youth Committee. When deciding on reservations, Helsinki-based youth organisations and groups are prioritised. Reservations are free-of-charge for these groups.

Application period

  • The application period for camp and course activities in 2021 ended on 15 September 2020. You can ask about possible available time slots by contacting service locations directly, starting from 4 January 2021.

You can ask about available time slots by e-mailing tai

Apply for facilities for camp activities taking place 1 January–31 December 2022

You can apply for facilities for camp and course activities taking place next year by 15 September 2021. You can apply for reservations electronically or by letter, using the forms intended for this purpose.

By e-mail

By letter:
Reservations / name of service location
PO Box 84404
00099 City of Helsinki

  • Applications for next year’s camp and course centre reservations must be submitted by 15 September (if the deadline is a Saturday or public holiday, the application period ends on the previous weekday).
  • Applications for facility reservations for next year’s day camps at youth facilities must be submitted by 15 September (if the deadline is a Saturday or public holiday, the application period ends on the previous weekday).
  • Applications for recurring reservations of youth facilities during the autumn–spring period must be submitted by the last weekday of April.

Price list

The use of the facilities and services is divided into free-of-charge use and use subject to a fee. For more detailed information on Meriharju Nature House and Camp Centre’s prices, see pages 1–3.


Facility reservations must be applied for using the forms intended for this purpose.

After receiving a reservation, please contact the location at least two weeks before the start of your reservation and agree upon the handover of the keys and familiarisation with the facilities.

Other facilities of Youth Services, organisation newsletter and financial support

Book facilities for activities

The City of Helsinki has youth centres and other facilities around the city. Associations and groups can apply for reservations of these facilities for day camp activities, for example. Read more.

Partnership Unit’s organisation newsletter

The organisation’s electronic newsletter (in Finnish), which is released four times a year, tells associations and youth groups about financial support and other services as well as current news concerning Youth Services. Read more

Financial support for youth activities

The City supports Helsinki-based adolescent and youth associations, the adolescent and youth divisions of associations, as well as youth groups, every year. Support is granted in the form of annual grants – i.e. operating grants, hiring grants and holiday camp grants – as well as project grants, which can be applied for year round. Read more