Book a facility at Pihlajamäki Youth Centre

Facility reservations are primarily granted to Helsinki-based youth groups and youth organisations, which can use the facilities free of charge.

The facilities can also be booked and rented for other use, in which case the fee is determined according to the pricing approved by the Youth Committee. The facility usage fees for the next year are confirmed in the spring of the previous year.

Facilities can be booked both for individual events and regular use. Applications for regular reservations during the next operating period must be submitted by the last weekday of April. The application must specify the actual start and end dates for the autumn and spring seasons as well as any possible changes.

In the case of individual reservations, please contact the youth centre well in advance in order to make a facility reservation.

If you are interested in booking facilities, follow the instructions below:

  1. Check the available time slots: call the building at 040 334 8082 or send e-mail and specify when you need to use the facility/facilities.
  2. Fill in the facility reservation application and send it to the youth centre by post at Pihlajamäki Youth Centre, Moreenitie 2, 00710 Helsinki or by e-mail.

If you have any questions regarding renting facilities, you can contact Juhana Halonen, the youth worker in charge at the Viikki Youth Work Unit, primarily by e-mail or phone at 040 632 6867.

Cancellation terms for facility reservations and amendment of the price

Facility reservations may be cancelled free of charge two weeks before the reservation is scheduled to start. Cancellations made later are subject to a cancellation fee of €50. In the event of failure to cancel an unused permanent reservation twice in a row, Youth Services have the right to cancel the reservation until the end of the operating period.

The division director may, for a justified reason, decide to amend the price in the final minutes prepared by the office holder if requested by an applicant in writing. The aim is for decisions on regular reservations for the operating period to be made by the end of May.

Further information on the facility reservation application as well as other useful information on the use of the City’s facilities.