Become a candidate in the autumn 2021 Youth Council election!

Helsinki Youth Council is appointed in an election every other year. Helsinki residents born in 2004–2008 can register as candidates in the autumn 2021 election.
Come and join us!

Youth Council election schedule:

Registering as a candidate 13–30 September 2021

Election 8–26 November 2021

– Voting at schools 8–19 November 2021

– Voting at youth centres 22–26 November 2021

The election results will be announced at the RuutiGaala event on 8 December 2021

Once you have decided to become a candidate:

  1. Fill out the electronic registration form: link
  2. Once you have registered, you will be contacted by a youth worker of the Youth Council.
  3. Ask your guardian to confirm your registration.
  4. After your registration is confirmed, you will be provided with information about how the election is proceeding and support for campaigning.
  5. You can start your election campaign!