Prepare for upper secondary education

Voluntary additional basic education (10th grade)

Voluntary additional basic education (also known as 10th grade) is intended for young people who want to improve the study skills required for further studies. The aim is for the young person to have a plan for their further studies and the ability to realise this plan after the additional year of basic education.

The objectives and content of additional education are described in the curriculum for additional education in Helsinki.

In order for a young person to be selected for the voluntary additional basic education of the City of Helsinki, they must have received a basic education certificate in 2020 or 2021 and be resident in Helsinki.

During the school year 2021–2022, voluntary additional basic education will be organised at Stadin AO, The Helsinki Vocational College and Adult Institute’s units on Hattulantie, Kullervonkatu, Ilkantie and Vilppulantie.

Students can apply to additional education via the Studyinfo web service.


Valma is preparatory education that gives the participants the skills they need to apply for vocational studies.

For whom?

  • For those who have finished comprehensive school and do not yet know what they want to study and who want to improve their study skills before moving on to upper secondary studies. Apply to Valma via
  • For adults who want to improve their readiness to study in upper secondary education. Suitable for immigrants or those planning a career change, for example. Apply for Valma through continuous admission.


You will follow an individual study plan:

  • You will familiarise yourself with various professions and fields of study.
  • You will strengthen your everyday skills.
  • You will prepare for working life. 
  • You can also take vocational studies during the preparatory education.
  • The preliminary period for an apprenticeship can be part of your preparatory education. You can also move on to apprenticeship training once you have found a suitable apprenticeship opportunity.


The duration of the studies is between half a year and a year, and the scope is 30–60 credits. Preparatory education consists of full-time day studies. You can also start the studies flexibly after the school year has started.


Luva, or ‘preparatory training for general upper secondary education’ provides the skills needed to apply for general upper secondary education.

For whom?

  • For immigrants and students with a native language other than Finnish, Swedish or a Sami language who wish to complete general upper secondary education and take the matriculation examination.


  • The studies include the Finnish and English language studies needed in general upper secondary school, social and cultural studies, studies in mathematics and natural sciences, and strengthening studying capabilities.
  • The studies provide a realistic view of general upper secondary school studies.
  • Actual general upper secondary school courses can be completed as part of the training in accordance with the curriculum.
  • The training allows you to raise your grades in different comprehensive school subjects.


The studies last for one school year, and their scope is at least 25 courses.

The training is provided for young people at Vuosaari Upper Secondary School and Alppila Upper Secondary School. You can apply for the training at