Malminkartano Recreation Hall is a new facility that is intended for recreational activities in its entirety. It has been open to users since autumn 2021.

The facility features a lobby similar to a living room, two dressing rooms and a large indoor field that can be divided into three sections.

The total amount of recreational space is over 1,000 m2, and a wide range of sports equipment is also available.

The recreation hall’s operation is based on independent use, i.e. there is no staff at the hall. Users are provided with guidance and instructions for the use of the facilities. The recreation hall is coordinated by the City of Helsinki Youth Services.

The objective of the recreation hall is to create a new type of versatile hobby culture, in which hobbies and leisure activities are produced in collaboration with local operators and residents. The new facility increases the area’s recreational opportunities considerably.

The recreation hall welcomes everyone to come and develop new recreational activities for the area.


Visiting address
Ruosilantie 18
00390 Helsinki
Postal address


  • Anssi Järvinen, Enemmän yhdessä -hanke, liikunta
    040 1928 303
  • Laura Arala, Operaatio Pulssin koordinaattori, yksikön harjoittelupaikkatiedustelut
  • Julia Jämiä, Kannelmäen nuorisotyöyksikön vastuuohjaaja, kulttuurisen nuorisotyön menetelmät, tilavaraukset
    040 6411 707
  • Marjo Poteri, Kannelmäen nuorisotyöyksikön toiminnanjohtaja
    040 3345 330

Opening times

  • The operation of Malminkartano Recreation Hall is based on independent use.
  • There is no staff present in the facilities.
  • Users who book the facilities are provided with guidance in their use, and they use the facilities independently during their reserved time slot.

Upcoming events

  • kulttuuri
  • dance (performing arts)
  • clubs (recreational)
06.9.2022 - 13.12.2022

K-pop alkeet alle 13v Malminkartanon harrastushalli

Malminkartanon harrastushalli, Ruosilantie 18, Helsinki
  • Operaatio Pulssi!
  • Operaatio Pulssi! Länsi
  • youth budget
Thu 08.12.2022, at 17:00 - 19:00

Futsal (torstain harrastuskokeilut)

Malminkartanon harrastushalli, Ruosilantie 18, Helsinki