Youth Environment Space, details and equipment

Reservations can be applied for by using the forms of Youth Services. The facilities are rented out based on rates approved by the Youth Committee. When deciding on reservations, Helsinki-based youth organisations and groups are prioritised. Reservations are free-of-charge for these groups.

Youth Environment Space

In 2018–2023, the Youth Environment Space was located in Laajasalo. At the moment, new premises are being sought for the Youth Environment Space. 

The information below concerns the former Youth Environment Space and the current Laajasalo youth centre located in the shopping centre Saari. The facility reservations of the Laajasalo youth centre are the responsibility of the Southeastern Youth Work Unit

Facility equipment

  • Video projector and projection screen
  • Information display/TV (on the balcony)
  • HDMI wire x 2
  • Sound system
  • Dining table for roughly 16 people
  • Smaller sofa and table sets for hanging out and playing, for example

Kitchen equipment

  • Cooking equipment: pots, pans, oven pans, knives, etc.
  • A wide variety of small home appliances, such as a waffle iron and a blender.
  • Eating utensils and dishes for 20–30 people.

Fokka multi-purpose room

In addition to the Youth Environment Space, you can also book the Fokka multi-purpose room through us. It is located on the second floor in Laajasalo Library.

The Fokka multi-purpose room is well-suited for use as a meeting room, a small group room or for more relaxed exercise classes such as yoga.

  • One wall of the room is completely covered by a mirror
  • Tables and chairs for roughly 30 people
  • Information display/TV
  • HDMI wire
  • Sound system
  • The room does not have a toilet, but Shopping Centre Saari’s public toilets can be found along the corridor that can be accessed from the room.