Participate in the Helmet reading challenge 2021

Helmet Reading Challenge encourages people to pick up a book. The challenge consists of 50 themes that the participants can use to pick something to read throughout the year.

The themes can be related to the topic, name or author of a book. The themes are not strict rules, however. Instead, each participant can decide how they wish to interpret them. This year, the Helmet Reading Challenge is also available in a plain language version.

Helmet Reading Challenge 2021

  1. A book featuring keeping a diary
  2. A book written by a teacher
  3. A historical novel
  4. A book where someone shares their memories
  5. A book related to a TV series or a film
  6. A book about love
  7. A book featuring a group of friends
  8. A book where the world is changing
  9. A book whose author’s first and last name begin with the same letter
  10. A book with a number in its title
  11. A book about poverty
  12. A book set in the woods
  13. A book related to the theatre, opera or ballet
  14. A book that is a part of a series
  15. A book that has something in common with your own life
  16. A book where people live without electricity
  17. A book whose title includes the name of the protagonist
  18. A book about an LGBT+ family
  19. A book featuring playing
  20. A book featuring a profession that no longer exists or that is rare
  21. A book related to a specific season
  22. A book featuring cycling
  23. A book that you read outdoors
  24. A book whose title includes a question mark or exclamation mark
  25. A book written by two authors
  26. A biography of a person who is still alive
  27. A book whose protagonist is an animal
  28. A book that is useful for you to read
  29. A book whose protagonist’s life is changing
  30. A book published after the author’s death
  31. A thriller or a mystery
  32. A book with a cat on the front or back cover description
  33. A book that teaches a skill
  34. A book where nature is observed
  35. A book you have been waiting for
  36. A book featuring travel through time
  37. A book with a character whose work is important to the story
  38. A well-translated book
  39. A book featuring listening to music
  40. A book about animal rights
  41. A book featuring travel by train
  42. A fairytale book
  43. A book that does not reveal the name of the protagonist
  44. A book including recipes
  45. A book written by a Nordic author
  46. A book featuring eating treats
  47. Two books on the same subject 1/2
  48. Two books on the same subject 2/2
  49. A book published in 2021
  50. A book recommended by a member of the library staff