Ogeli’s band room/music studio

Permanent reservations of the band room/studio space in Ogeli’s youth centre are not available; instead, reservations can be made through the youth workers.

We generally grant reservations lasting a little over two hours (16:00–18:30 or 18:30–20:45) during the opening hours, but longer reservations can also be arranged. Make a reservation in person at the youth centre, call or send a message to any of Oulunkylä Youth Centre’s youth workers.

Band room

The room is equipped with drums, a synthesiser, guitars with amplifiers, a bass and singing equipment.

Suvi Ripatti

Studio space

Digital 24-track recording is possible in the studio space. If you would like to record your band playing, please contact the youth centre in advance and we will set up the wires and microphones for your recording session!

You can also make rap and record vocals on the workstation.

Tatu Falck