The professional podcast tells you about the backgrounds of professionals. How can one train for a profession, and what kind of work is it? In the first period, a total of 13 representatives of different professions will be interviewed.

The interviewer for the podcast is 17-year-old Jenny Vu. All episodes for the season will be published in full in January 2021. The podcast has been produced by employees of the Itäkeskus and Herttoniemi units of the City of Helsinki’s Youth Services.

Professional Podcast Part 1: Flight attendant (in Finnish)

“In flight attendant training, you learn to act in a variety of exceptional situations.” The episode hears about flight attendant Elizabeth Gonzalez’s experiences of her job and how she ended up in her profession.

Professional Podcast Part 2: Nurse (in Finnish)

“As a nurse, you should just be as you are.” The episode hears about the experiences of nurse Heidi Nastolin in her work and how she ended up in her profession.