Helsinki’s mobile youth workers

The mobile youth workers of the City of Helsinki move about daily in parks, shopping centres, the railway station and other places popular among young people. The mobile youth workers also tour various events around the year.

Mobile youth work is anonymous, voluntary and free of charge. Its goal is to make Helsinki safer for young people through the methods of youth work.

Helsinki’s mobile youth workers:

Barre Mob. 040 589 1208

Keba Mob. 040 965 7586

Janina Mob. 040 543 0502

Omar Mob. 040 653 5238

Satu Mob. 040 548 6841

Robert Mob: 040 540 8742

Maow Mob: 040 627 9548

Tommo Mob: 040 681 6803

Timo (Director) Mob. 040 650 0786

Contact information

Korkeavuorenkatu 43 D
00130 Helsinki
PO Box 13455, 00099 City of Helsinki

If you are a student looking for an internship, please note:

You can still do an internship with the mobile youth work in 2021. Please contact us for more information.