Things to do for the school holiday

Helsinki offers a myriad of summer activities for schoolchildren and young people. Most of the activities are free of charge, and those that require payment are very inexpensive. You can find all holiday activities at  

For example, you can try making music or street art. The activities include camps, workshops, excursions and adventures. There are also a lot of free-form activities and the chance to hang out with others without advance registration. Many of the activities and events are again being organised by young people themselves. The venues include youth centres, sports facilities, libraries, cultural centres and museums.  

In the summertime, the city’s public playgrounds provide families and children with fun and diverse activities, guided sessions, and various events in a safe environment. Activities take place from Monday to Friday, are free of charge, and there is no need to register. Summer meals are provided by all playgrounds open during the season. The meals are free of charge and served on weekdays at 12.00 noon to children under the age of 16. Read more at Summer at the playgrounds 

The swimming stadium and Kumpula public outdoor swimming pool are part of the Helsinki summer. Sports activities such as football, basketball, dance and canoeing are offered in different parts of the city. There are also activities for those interested in gaming, cooking or nature. Under 18-year-olds can enjoy free admission to the Helsinki City Museum.