Come and produce program for Youth Pride Week 2024

The program search for Youth Pride Week 2024 has started and the search is open until April 30th, 2024! We want to create a memorable week of events where young people can meet each other, create new friendships, have a good time in a safer environment and participate in a versatile program. The event introduces different operators in the youth field to young people.

The program can be produced by all organizations working with young people, who stand indiscriminately on the side of equality and want to support the well-being of rainbow youth. The program can be, for example, a craft workshop, a game, a panel discussion, a lecture or something else.

The 2024 Youth Pride House is Fredriksberg, located in Vallila, Helsinki. Youth Pride House is a private space for young people aged 13-25, which is open from Monday to Friday (June 24th-28th) from 14:00 to 20:00. The program can also be held in your own premises or remotely.

The theme of Helsinki Pride this year is “peace and hope”. Peace is the right of all societies and individuals. We need hope especially when peace is not a given. Hope swears faith in the future and, above all, gives strength to pursue the rights that belong to us and a more uniform world.

If you want to produce a program in English, contact Enni (

Phone hours related to program search:

Fri 22.3. at 14-15

Wed 10.4. at 10-11

Mon 22.4. at 14-15

Enni: 0447799744 You can also send your questions by e-mail to

Frequently asked Questions:

Who can apply for the official program of Youth Pride Week 2024?

Various operators in the youth field, such as the municipality’s youth services and organizations in the youth field, can apply for the program. If the applicant is not an operator in the youth sector and the program is aimed at 13-25 year olds, the applicant must find out why the program is aimed specifically at young people and whether there are e.g. youth counselors.

Where can the program be organized?

The program can be held at the Youth Pride House (Fredriksberg, Vallila, Helsinki). Youth Pride House is a space dedicated to young people, which is open on 24th-28th June 2024 from 14-20. The program can also be held in the applicant’s own premises or remotely.

Can we organize a paid program?

All programs must be free for participants. Any expenses (such as craft materials) must be paid for by the applicant themself.

When can the program be organized?

The program of the Youth Pride week is allocated to week 26 (June 24–30, 2024).

When will we find out if our program has been accepted as part of the official program of Youth Pride Week 2024?

All applicants will be contacted on 10 May 2024 the latest. We contact applicants already during the application period.

Can I support Youth Pride Week 2024 in other ways than by organizing a program?

You can support Youth Pride Week 2024 by making a donation. Donations are used for employee salaries, material costs and event costs. Read more and Donate here.